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Treat A Burn with MMS – Water Purification Drops

October 4, 2009

You can treat a burn with Sodium chlorite – MMS because the MMS is alkaline. If you want to get the best possible results in burns treatment with MMS, then it’s best to treat the skin immediately after the burn, however, MMS will also help if you do this later. Be sure to have plenty of water handy to wash off the MMS after treating a burn with Sodium chlorite.

As recommended by Jim Humble’s book, burns treatment can be very effective with MMS (information in this post was taken from Jim Humble’s book). The MMS solution has an amazing ability to treat burns — even sun burns, because MMS neutralizes the chemicals created in a burn. You can help others with this MMS burn information — treat a burn with Sodium chlorite

To treat burns with MMS, first we…

Use the 28% Sodium chlorite – not activated… According to Jim Humble’s book, one should squirt the MMS full strength straight out of the bottle all over the burn. As said before:  no vinegar or citric acid is used. You just use the tips of your fingers, to very lightly spread the MMS solution on the burn directly. When treating a burn with MMS be careful not to rub the sensitive skin too rough!

Leave it on the skin — only  for 30 -45 seconds!

Be gentle with the fingers as you spread the Water purification drops. Do not press on a burn with your fingers. The more quick you are to treat burns with MMS, the better results you will get.

Jim Humble says that when you’ve applied MMS solution over the burned skin, the burn is then neutralized by the alkaline solution of the MMS. The result is an immediate stop of pain, that happens literally within just a few seconds. treating a burn with MMS —After 30 seconds to a minute…

You must wash the MMS off the burn after 30 seconds or so, or the burn will get worse and that is not what you want. Jim says, if this is done correctly, the burn will be able to heal in about 1/4th of  the ordinary time for a similar untreated burn. If you don’t have water near by, DO NOT use MMS to treat burns, no matter what. Jim says, sun burns can also be treated with MMS because it is alkaline, and to see the whole protocol for treating sun burns, visit this website.

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October 3, 2009

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